haikuworld: how to share

Publishers and Webmasters are welcome to send us information to share, and we have examples of several ways to share your information:

Book Publishers and Authors

  • Print and Mail Order Forms -- Press Here asked us to share their one page order form. The reader prints the form, checks the boxes, encloses a check, and puts it in the mail.
  • PayPal Order Forms -- Brooks Books shared their Paypal order form with us. Similar to the form above, in this situation, the visitor connects to PayPal and uses their PayPal account or credit card to make their payment.
  • Full Catalog -- Red Moon Press has a full catalog available at haikuworld, with multiple pages, including color scans of each book cover, and as much room as they like to describe each book.
  • Amazon Link -- Jane Reichold sent us an announcement of a book she has available from Amazon.com. We wrote a short review for her, which we shared on Amazon.com, and users can click the icon of her book to order the book directly from Amazon.
  • Book Review -- Press Here Books and Deep North Press asked us to review recent books from their presses. We received the book and posted our review and information about how to order the book.

Magazine Editors

  • Our Magazine & Journal List -- if you have subscription or submission information, please share it with us so we can add it to our list!
  • Announcements -- we are happy to announce the availability of new online journals as each issue "goes live". Our announcements are on the home page, and are added to the top of the list as they come in. They usually "roll off" the bottom in two to four weeks.
  • Tundra and Modern Haiku - shared additional information with us, that we were happy to pass on to readers on their own content page.
  • Paper journals, such as Acorn, Bottle Rockets and Haijinx have links provided to their webpages, as do Online Journals, such as Short Stuff and World Haiku Review.

Contest Organizers

  • Contest information is posted in our Contests section, in order by the deadline of the contest. Please share with us as much information as possible. We try to include all public entry non-fee contests, but include some fee-based contests at our own discretion.
There is no charge for these or any other service provided by haikuworld. haikuworld exists to help publishers, poets, and readers discover one another. Please let us know when you have book news!

My email box is always open . . .
Gary Warner